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Same Difference?

Door opened light.

Notions by Norman

We are each uniquely born amid an ocean of diversity

That’s the garnish to this entire salad

The observable objects as well as subatomic quarks

Trees clouds fish snowflakes insects sex sand dirt whatever

Yes, actually what ever

As we perceive life it is all spectacularly differentiated

We have reached a point where evolved souls must post messages to the decrepits

who for some distorted double helix gene imbalance, must be convinced that we are all


Unequivocally, Black Lives Matter

Without qualification women have the elemental right to control their own bodies

Do we have to spell out fundamental moral vital obvious propositions

We don’t hoist signs stating “Humanity requires oxygen to survive on Earth”

Nor do we proclaim “Drink water or you will die of dehydration”

Together let’s ask ourselves what it will take to swallow “All Lives Matter”

We are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers

Of life colorful or unconstrued

Every specimen speciwoman species

It appears to be a mondo-leap to reach these primary levels of comprehension


Many have ruined the party, and keep threatening to blow up the house

So let’s consider a striking alternative

Sameness. Yeah…. Same ness. Say it slowly. Has a real sloggy feel

At this opposing end of the spectrum all things, entities, and territories are identical

Pick a shade. No freckles. One fingerprint pattern

Hair, toes, eyes size all terrifying alike

Unclothed unsexed immaculately alike featureless choiceless cookie cutter

creatures……everywhere floating around in undifferentiated space

This suggests something

Is that the end of war hate crime famine jealousy rage…. picking on people

Uh Uh

Differences are not the reason for toxicity

Seems to me it’s merely the scaffold for human life to be in some internal struggle with


Why are rainbows so beautiful?

Notions by Norman Kay

Norman Kay


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