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The Planet is Having A Nervous Breakdown

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Notions by Norman

We must be hopeful. Each effecting what we can

But there are instances when we must evoke a message of tough love


There was a time to recover, and save those very many species we have already lost

There was an opportunity to slow the climatic cycle of destruction

We were heirs to all this magnificence

Keepers of the future. Renters

Earth will keep our security deposit. We have desecrated her home

The planet states ‘enough.’ You want to live dirty? Let me show you dirty

Wind, fire, water, plague, dust….to dust

“Asses” to ashes

The greedy minority rules. Give me liberty and I’ll give thee dearth

Let us see how we can finish the carnage on land and on sea

The hapless majority scurries in place

We are all culpable

Let’s go to Mars before we fry

This place is a sty

We can begin….. anew

The history books, if uncovered, will speak of neglect, mirth, malice

We have amassed every conceivable form of garbage

UFO sightings? Who would choose a neighborhood of rancor and filth

Planet for sale. It’s a buyer’s market, but none show

This is our evolved civilization?

How do we explain to the kids? Ugh

We have been to the chapel

Opportunity knocked thrice

Ruin, ruin, ruin your boat gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily….life was just a dream.

Blog by Norman Kay

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