We Sought Understanding or Personal Meaning. So, We constructed a Life

Blog | by Norman Kay | 09.10.2021

Everything is about perception…

Without perception, consciousness lacks any interpretation

How we perceive ourselves shapes all that we are, and

how we experience the world / this Idea that we live in.

We evolve with that unique perception of…’our selves

and everything that is outside ‘our selves.

The complete abundance of all our senses combined

feeds into the Truth we have created.

Our life experience begins as a grid ready for formatting

We fill in the color, the tones, the shadows, our map, our trip

You are the only one of you in this universe as we know it. Feel that.

Swim in that knowledge

How you unfold within your own truth is your power

How powerful you are, if you simply… allow

Perception belief choice that is how we experience our Experience

I think that is how we negotiate consciousness

Blog by Norman Kay