Microbes Mimic Memes

Blog | by Norman Kay | 09.03.2021

Covid is a microbe (microorganism). Memes are ideas.

I am suggesting that, at the core, they are virtual twins.

Briefly; microbes are either single cell or multi-celled colonies.

They dwell everywhere. In very many cases they are essential biological buddies, and they can be, equally, lethal bio terrorists.

Memes are ideas spread by imitation from person to person, community to community and species via posts, blogs, interviews, news, etc.

Microbes are physiological, that eventually influence our psyche.

Memes are psychological that definitely affect our physiology, i.e. dis_ease.

Both are discreet units of culture that frequently metastasize by confronting the environment, addressing the political or via pandemic scourge.

Both are incredibly diverse. They mimic. They transmit.

They are viral, perplexing, scary, often illogical, and both have vastly complex implications.

This suggests something.

All existing forms of life, and therefore thoughts, are composed of frequencies.

Maybe we can eliminate virulent microbes and memes by altering their state of frequency.

Intended noxious, hateful memes would originate as positive, hopeful ideas.

Each lethal single or multi-celled ninja would become a positive biological determinant.

Microbial conversation ensues.

Norman Kay