There’s An Eco Inside My Package, And It’s Getting Louder

Achieving Remarkable In a Humdrum Sea

Notions by Norman | by Norman Kay | 03.23.2021

Whatever happened to those convenient adjectives: “nice, pretty, interesting, new, improved, better and best?”

They were burned out amidst the clutter of our ubiquitous, overripe, identical product and service economy.

Don’t you get a headache walking down the aisles scanning the shelves?

Aren’t you getting calluses deleting all the product news that’s pushed out to you on mobile?

We are swarming with duplication in the guise of differentiation.

We are swimming in a sea of renditions, a fog of iteration.

The “big idea” is a cliché attempting to signify that someone has achieved remarkable. Usually it’s a small or near idea, or just a bogus statement of pseudo-difference.

If your inquisitive, daring spirit wants to approach the realm of uninhibited thinking; then you may discover the path to remarkable.

You have to allow yourself to abandon good and to percolate the exceptional.

But how do you go about entertaining an unbridled, elegant possibility?

What’s the magic that enhances your ability to bring a brilliant thought to life?

Try to imagine a tightly woven filter that only transmits remarkable – to the air you breathe, to your mind’s eye,  in a subliminal language.

And then….

Poof, where did all that everyday fluff stuff go? The landscape is suddenly swept clean, appearing uncluttered, looking empty everywhere. Feel the excitement surrounding a few of the original delicious creations that survived the cut.

The Brooklyn Bridge, Taj Mahal, Mini-Cooper, the color of Bombay Sapphire, the Chanel #5 vessel, Nike iconology, Velcro, Bach’s Mass in B minor, Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, or my mother’s red sauce.

Remarkable need not be complex; but surely it must be original, singular, riveting, elegant. It’s an unaffected purity of thought brought to dimension.

When remarkable occurs it ignites one or more of our senses, and our consciousness springs to attention – something unworldly is at hand.

How does one react to a genuine newvation?

As it comes into view your head snaps back furiously.

At least one sense is assaulted and morphs into a gaze.

Perhaps, your ears scream ‘listen deeply’.

A culinary statement causes your nasal passages to clog with envy.

Your taste buds bloom and trigger a smile that hurts.

You touch upon something so fundamentally and sensually erotic that your toes curl.

You have now segued into the remarkable.

Remarkable as in prodigious, mirific, unprecedented, outlandish, and enigmatic.

It doesn’t arise out of a vacuum. The result is always extraordinary, perhaps unrepeatable; a singular achievement. It may partner with collaboration and inclusive thinking. Reputation ensues.

This level of success requires you to leave your dogma at the door.

You elevate to this point by neglecting assumptions, doubting, defying, questioning and researching – you Imaginate.

Finally It’s no longer about you…it’s about ‘they,’ and that collective is most powerful!

I aspire to create the remarkable package. The egg is taken.

My package would pulsate.  It would elevate the product in an awesome, harmonic alliance that frays the senses.

You are the wizard casting your light from behind the curtain.

Show me remarkable. Speak to it.

It’s as elusive as fairy dust. The predominant crap out there has infiltrated our sensibilities and clogged our filters.

Who will decide if you bring remarkable?

Not the pretty committee; or some group that declares you the new disruptive guru.

The verdict will arrive from the vitality and interconnectivity you have breached.