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Die Empty

DIE EMPTY: Todd Henry

Todd Henry’s premise: We must not arrive at our grave with our best work left within us.
At the end of the day are we asking ourselves if our work, and the output we put forward really matters?
All of our ‘tomorrows’ only beget another version of tomorrow. Today is when the seeds for change, growth, and accomplishment are sown. Difficult leveraged tasks are too frequently queued up behind the debris and rubbish of time consuming, insignificant activity.

From the book:

“The Developer” is constantly weaving together available resources and opportunities to create value. He doesn’t work frantically, but instead works with urgency and diligence, making plans and then executing them, and redirecting as needed. He recognizes that uncertainly is not an enemy, but a natural part of engaging in important and valuable work.

When you stop growing, you start dying. In much the same way that an organization needs to be persistently innovative in order to maintain market share, individuals must make a personal commitment to lifelong personal innovation through skill development, risk-taking, and experimentation in order to avoid stagnation.

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