Plastic Bottles Recycled into Stunning Oceanic Fabrics

Blog | by Linda Arcadipane | 04.09.2020

Now more than ever, environmental concerns are important to consumers, leading many companies to focus their product design and production within sustainability principles. Camira, a British textile company, has created one of the most inventive current recycling initiatives. Camira has taken something ordinary and made it extraordinary by creating beautiful colored fabrics from recycled plastic collected from oceans and Meditterannean beaches. This extraordinary idea comes as part of the SEQUAL Initiative:  an organization that works to combat marine plastic pollution by collecting and processing bottles. The SEAQUAL Initiative processes marine plastic and post-consumer plastic bottles diverted from landfill to make the yarn. The waste is washed, shredded into a mixture and then extruded into chips. The fibers are treated into yarn and texturized before being sent to Camira’s factory in Huddersfield, England. Oceanic comprises 16 shades in total, ranging from neutrals to pastels and bolder options. Colors include soft yellow, turquoise, bright red and sage green. A core function of our company; At IBC Shell continues to design, engineer and source sustainable solutions for our clients.