Ara Thorose’s Sculptural Chairs

Blog | by Linda Arcadipane | 11.17.2017

Designer, Ara Thorose, debuted his furniture collection Tubular Group 01, at the Architectural Digest Design Show in March with this sculpture chair piece, along with two others kinetic shapes rendered in a hyper-saturated red and yellow palettes, inciting a flurry of curious reactions. “It’s a chair, but can I sit in it?” was one Thorose recalls.  In this inaugural series, which Thorose hand-fabricated in his Detroit studio using a rubber welding technique, he repurposed industrial tubing, PVC, aluminum, foam, and steel into curvilinear forms. His functional objects masquerade as art pieces, and earned him a spot in the annual Launch Pad competition at New York’s Wanted Design show last month. What do you think of this chair? Love it or leave it? Doesn’t look like somewhere I would want to take a snooze or sit while watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones but, nonetheless, serves as a refreshing design inspiration in a sea of sameness that is sure to emotionally touch its audience and leave a lasting impression.