Guest Blog: Bob Litwin

Blog | by IBC Shell | 06.07.2016

Do you want a new story? Most of us do. From dieting to work addiction, we are all looking to shift the stories in our lives. But the question remains: How? This book is the how. 




I am all about stories.

Stories that we tell ourselves and others about why we are where we are in our lives.
Many of these stories keep us from getting and being what we want.

“I don’t have enough time.” “I have bad focus.” “It’s hard for me.” “I am not a risk taker.” “I’m impatient.” “Little things bother me.”
These stories are often reasons and explanations that we have practiced for years. And when we practice a lot, we get good.
We are really good at telling stories that keep us stuck. That keep us from being the best we can be. That keep us from achieving what we want.

Then there are the stories we tell ourselves that move us forward. The stories of yes and can do.
“I am great at managing my time.” “I am a master of focus.” “The harder it is, the more I dig deeply.” “I am courageous.” “I have infinite patience.” “I don’t sweat the small stuff.”

These stories are often our destinies.

What stories do you tell? Do you hear yourself saying:

“That’s just the way I am?”
“I can’t change.”
“I’ve tried and tried but I always slide back.”

How are those stories working for you?

Here is an exercise for you that will help you start to live better stories:

Take out your pen or open a blank document on your smartphone and write a list (or a paragraph).
Include ways you think, believe, act, feel or what you say that you know keeps you from being the person you want to be or from achieving what you want.

It doesn’t need to be an A+ essay. Don’t overthink it. Just go with it. Let it just come out.

Then, read it. Look at each one. Are they true? True sometimes but not all the time? Are they unchangeable facts? Are there some faulty assumptions?

Are these stories are working for you?

If you see that they are not then…

Take each one and flip it. Write the better version. You can just write the opposite if you can’t think of another version.

That new list can be the you that you are going to be. The future you. The new and improved version. Your personal manifesto.

Announce it to the world around you: “There is a new me coming!”

Read the new story list. Read it a lot. Keep it in the front of your mind.

Remind yourself that part of your to do list for the day is to take a step in the direction of the new story.

Practice in little ways throughout the day. Pat yourself on the back for one small step. You deserve it.

One step towards it, even a small one, is a step away from the tired old story that has you staying where you are.

Do it!
Begin to live the best story of your life.

“By using his unique coaching method, Bob was able to not only climb from being an ordinary player to being a World Champion but also he has taken his powerful teachings off the court in order to make an even greater impact in the world of business and life.” —Billie Jean King, 39-time Grand Slam Champion, author of Pressure is a Privilege

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