Luxury Style: The Facelift of Product Prestige

Blog | by IBC Shell | 11.15.2015



What makes a hot creation even more tantalizing? A unique iteration of itself that sets it apart from all of the competition and, many times, even its own family of merchandise. In a culture of consumption, a physical product— and its fundamental quality, whatever that may entail, falls far behind the prestige of a stand-alone cool factor that makes it a “have to have” for the consumer.


It’s not cool to just look cool anymore; you’ve got to get it right down to the style of a product. Yes, you may have Beats but do you have MCM’s Beats Capsule Collection? Have you made sure to shell out your, at minimum, $600 for the exclusivity? They know you will—because time and again these alliances allow high-level brands to expand their market and curate their cachet within an ultra-premium lucrative vertical.


Luxury is cashing in with cross-category collections like Beats x MCM. The sleek selection of offerings is fun, chic and, for a premium cost, you can be wrapped in levels of cool. MCM isn’t the only luxury fashion brand of late that has embraced this strategy, Stella McCartney for Canon is another example of stepping off the runway and into our everyday lives in hi-touch ways; Tory Burch and Fitbit, as well.


These brands are narrating the illusion that the cache isn’t achieved unless it is “over -the -top” of the line. By providing you a vision of an uber lifestyle, they can seal the next sale by allowing you to ‘level up’ even if the product is already an indulgence. What does this prove? Packaging plays an incredibly important part of the dynamic of determining purchase potential.


Make the package even cooler; they will come.