An Accelerated Path For Packaging Development

Blog | by Norman Kay | 09.02.2015

The opportunity to streamline packaging development and procurement is a familiar topic in the consumer packaged goods sector, particularly in the beverage, cosmetics and fragrance business. I believe that it’s a holistic process that requires education, discipline, and accountability for all the influencers involved in a program.


In a way it’s analogous to IBC Shell’s Component / Composite’ QA discipline.


Every player involved with the program is a Component if you will, and the group comprises the Composite that represents a successful outcome executed in the shortest duration. Any change in the data from a Component / a player, automatically requires a reassessment of the effect it has on the Composite / the outcome.


There is no shortage of innovative product development protocol available. However, I feel that the key to success is  having the entire group, all of the players fully involved at the onset when the goals, timelines, and budgets are initiated.


The supply side has to alter the isolated notion of the client as procurer of merchandise. New thinking requires a collaborative ‘quality with speed-to-market’ co-partnering ethic.


It’s equally essential for marketing and brand management to completely understand the flow and timing of a program’s execution:


  1. The time required for procurement, design and development to define and refine a gift package or VAP, including the custom brandware
  2. The time consumed by the approval chain at key decision points.
  3. The time required to complete the pre-production and production phases.
  4. And the logistics, fulfillment and distribution lead times.


Perfect execution relies on adequate, sensible scheduling to achieve the correct design, at the right cost, within a quality production protocol.


The result of inappropriately condensing one or more of these phases is quite often a disappointing outcome, usually attributed to a lack of understanding of the above path, or a poorly defined horizon at the front end.


I wish you great success in navigating the terrain.