Fashion Forward: Game-Changing International Style Inspiration

Culture | by Kathryn McDermott | 08.31.2015

Where do we find modern style inspiration and what constitutes a particular person or selected garment such? Over the last century we’ve become accustomed to fashion magazines, billboards, and in-store displays as the traditional marketing strategies—the primary mode of experiencing international moda— but this model has been dismissed, replaced with modern endeavors.

Fashion, as with all industries, finds itself continually trying to keep pace with the technology landscape. We have myriad opportunities to view full fashion at our fingertips. Hundreds of thousands of fast-fashion hi-touch designer images are digitally disseminated in every language, all of the time— essentially making the Internet the Grand Poobah for style, and ostentatious enough to stick.

Viral social and video marketing is now the conduit for the industry fashion influencers, particularly style bloggers, and becoming more prolific, swarming band width, and increasing exponentially every day. Much like like most of what we find on the web, it can be difficult to decipher chic versus kitsch without an incredible time-suck. That translates into scrolling pages of stale ‘street style’ slop, self-absorbed and depleted of a unique, edgy or inspiring vision.

Rising above all the debris, chic, savvy, and unsurprisingly European women like Parisian Hala Salem Achillas, fashion and lifestyle illustrator for are changing the game. Skilled at crafting impeccable personal style and self-assured enough to be taken seriously, we hail the arbiter of what is sartorially significant; Hala reigns supreme. In The Coveteur she shares a simple yet important fashion viewpoint and the luxury lifestyle marketing in general.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always dressed up. I never leave home if I’m not fully dressed.”

“Fully dressed.” It’s a step beyond the clothes. It requires an oblique think and feel to creatively curate oneself to hit the mark— crafting a personal designer statement. Given enough cash anyone can dress up – it takes effort and finesse to be consummately stylish.

Style is about getting it right, down to the accessories, the fragrance, the color palette—not just throwing on a designer dress and haute heel. Imagine your body as the product, and clothing as your packaging. You may have the best product, but if the packaging isn’t in-sync, or complete, you’re dis-en-vogue.

Now is the time to be brave, to get gritty. It goes for anything we package, including ourselves. Why would we ever choose to blend when the world gives us every opportunity to be dazzling? Nuanced is a bit passé. Come alive. Be alive, and shine apart from the crowd.