What’s Trending: Winter 2015

Culture | by IBC Shell | 12.31.2015

Musings by our CEO, and Chief Creative, Norman Kay:

Oh, Madere:  I’m at the first floor of the Whitney Museum contemplating Jared Madere’s enormous untitled installation. Seemingly his work speaks about “connections to society, economics, industry and human emotion.” I guess that pretty much covers everything. Take 25 different ingredients, morphem together in a dispersive salad and ally the amalgam with generalities. Art as shared, or shreds of self-expression?! That’s just me.
On ‘Point’: Jan Kalab, aka Point, has envisioned a new dimension, transporting his legendary graffiti to the ‘next beautiful thing.’ Applying multi-colored circles and various geometrics, he creates phantasmagorical statements with themes of “depth, time, and motion.


Come on baby, curate my fire: Ted Whitehead, the “wood sommelier,” has teamed with The Royalton Hotel to provide their guests with a most unusual selection of personalized, aromatic emanations that transform their 55 fireplaces into sensual mood-enhancing experiences. Wow; brand innovation eludes the techno sphere.


Photo Credit: Bill Jacobson