Packaging Design & Production Complexity – A Pragmatic Solution

Blog | by IBC Shell Process Unit | 02.21.2015

Successful packaging management requires a complete solution that will transpose the design theorem into physical reality. Success translates into brand affinity, aesthetic character, functional reality, lean cost, and on- time / on-launch performance.
With a focus on achieving the smoothest route to executing the package, management often selects various outsourced professionals to accomplish each critical stage of the process. This practice may result in excessive, unnecessary external layering.
Packaging design, development and production needn’t be mired by the decision to individually outsource each discipline of the program.

It’s metaphorically true that the architect normally gives way to the general contractor, but one comprehensive packaging centric design & production firm can bring the experience and capability to preserve the intent of the original brief while offering the client a uniquely seamless transactional experience.

The path from package conception to completed execution of the program demands proven knowledge experience and skill:
Accurate interpretation of the brief > Knowledge of the demographic, category and tier > Ingestion of the brand strategy & the go-to-market plan > Design & Development stages, i.e. renderings / 3D rapid prototyping / factory prototypes > Substrate options > Engineering > Sourcing > complete Pre-production prep > Manufacturing > Quality assurance > Logistics > and Managing the constraints of budget, lead time, and launch. This implies one turn-key project management solution with complete communication, control, and coordination of the entire program.

It appears to some that these proficiencies require the delegation of each particular discipline to a professed specialist. I disagree.?Effectiveness can be achieved by choosing one world class design influence that dwells within a manufacturing environment; possesses the development and engineering staff, the production partners, the 3rd party global QC & logistics firms, and the internal team to manage every facet of the program. Furthermore, the team is tasked with communicating the detail, the progress, and all issues to the client’s approval chain in a seamless concise organized transactional envelope.

Therefore, one comprehensive single source organization is employed to evaluate a range of aesthetic & functional design alternatives and to bring the design statement to fruition. A result that is engineered for quality, safety, lean cost, and speed-to-market; with a result that meets performance dates and retains the vitality of the original idea. The result is an effective process that flows seamlessly with minimal time investment and stress on the client’s internal resources.

This 360^ solution can perform efficiently and brilliantly. Today’s accelerated pace of product development demands a top to bottom viewpoint with an interdisciplinary expertise featuring brilliant design and flawless execution of the production cycle.